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Damn it. I am so confused! I need help man. I need input.

I find myself in a position to be potentially involved in a relaitonship with a girl that I really don't beleive I have much of anything in common with. The sane human being would probably look at this and say, "Right. Better not get involved then." But for some odd reason, I thought it would be a good idea to try out this new mindset where the individual actually gives the rivers of flowing fate a fighting chance and allows themself to find out where the fates may take them.

But now I have a serious moral debate raging in the dialogue of my own head: What happens when part of those "fates" could potentially mean hurting someone else? It doesn't seem right to simply react to every emotion that is felt with the corresponding behavior. And, also, in this mindset, where does one draw the line between simply persuing destiny and actively participating in one's own life?

If anyone has any ideas on this subject (or if you just want me to shut up and figure this stuff out on my own) please let me know.

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