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I know this is kind of off-topic for the community, but the rules do say you can post anything.

At any rate I just got done posting some poetry (only two poems actually) in a couple of communities. Still I think that's pretty awsome, since I'm new to all of this. Hell Yeah!

I think I'll go burn my fingerprints off with lye, but before I do this is another poem that is shorter and more "direct" I guess you might say.

Library Love


Standing here

In the dawn

I see the orb in my hand,

Floating in the lawn.


What kind of crazy world is this

That plots positive punishment?

But this is not the way of the

Mind, oh no.


The answer is not to play

But instead to pay with our lives

With our laughs.


What greater price can there

Be than this quiet harmony

Of you and me?

Love, like life, is a very relative term.


Is it conceivable

To put a lover’s words to pen?

To express, but for a moment,

The sheer complexity and depth of a wonderful relationship between two people?


Perhaps it is, but for an instant,

To fall in water and never again

Seek the surface.


I hope you guys like the poem. It's called Library Love because I wrote it while one of my ex's was playing jazz at a poetry reading/open mic thing.



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