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Hey everyone

Yes, I know I'm the WORST community starter in the world. I started this and I hardly write in here and I feel like shit for doing it. Blah. But anyway.

Life has taken an interesting turn for me. One of my best guy friends has given me my frist kiss. Its all very confusing cuz he has a girlfriend and now I guess you could say I'm the "other" woman. When this all started I felt so good about myself and just like everything was gonna be okay but dear lord, now I'm not so sure. Now I feel like shit for doing shit with him cuz he has a girlfriend....granted his girlfriend is a complete bitch and hates me for really no reason(No, she does not know about me and him) so yeah. Life is interesting.

I guess you could say I'm about the same as I always am. I mean, I cut like...a few days ago and I feel like I'm losing myself more and more everyday. But thats what I've felt since I was 8 and started cutting.

My friend Michelle seems a bit worried about my eating habits for this summer. I haven't really been eating a lot. She seems to think that I'm trying to starve myself. Which I'm not. I just dont feel like eating and a lot of times I have to force myself to eat cuz I know I have to. Does it sound like I'm trying(or starting) to be annorexic to anyone?

We all need to make sure this thing stays alive. Maybe get some more members in here. I dont know. I like having the smaller number of people I suppose.

If anyone ever needs to talk my email is Leeanna_Nicole@msn.com and you guys are more than welcome to add me on MSN messenger or email me if you ever need to. If you guys have AIM I'm AnnaNicole2689.

Keep in touch everyone!

Much Love,



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