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Little red lines on our wrists... -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
_Xx_Our Scars Never Let Us Forget_Xx_

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Drinking Dew and asking questions [29 Jul 2005|12:48pm]
[ mood | nerdy ]

You know what really sucks (asides from not getting good soda)?

Not being able to hang out with people that you really want to hang out with. Like I'm heading to Europe (oh woe, betide to me lol), which is just awsome and I know I'll have a wonderful trip, but still there is this whole issue of the fact that now I can't go to this role-playing thing my friends and I had set up. Ah well, I'll just steal a brick from a castle for them.

At any rate I have an important question to ask anyone in the community:

I tried the Tollhouse cookies, they came out excellent. Does anyone have any ideas on things that would go particularly well with Root Beer?


Like I mean, the classic "American" drive-in meal is a burger, fries, and Root Beer but I'm wondering if anyone has an idea for the preparation and presentation of Root Beer that does not involve the most fattening food ever created. lol

At any rate man, if anyone happens to have ideas, particularly on ways to entertain the whims and romances of a darned attractive library bookworm, please let me know. lmao

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