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R.I.P...Please Pray

Ryan Michael Bosley, age 16, was killed on Friday, April 30th.  This is how he died. Ryan was in a head on collision with another vehicile that killed 3 other people. A Mom, Dad and 3 year old girl. He was trying to pass someone near a hill and he crashed, his friend in the car with him survived but Ryan was killed. They say the guy Ryan was passing might have sped up...which, if he did hes going to be charged with vehicular manslauter. Ryan's funeral will take place tomorrow at his school's gym.

We not only need to pray for Ryan and his family and friends, but for all the family and friends of EVERYONE involved. Losing someone that you love is the worst thing in the world. So take a look around you and see your friends and family and just tell them you love them. Its the best thing you can do. Make sure they know you love them everyday, wether you had a fight with them or not. We never know when someone can be taken from you....So lets let them know that they are loved.

R.I.P Ryan Bosley, 16; Jake Leaper, 28; Stacy Leaper, 29; and Little Tara Leaper, 3. May your souls rest in Heaven and may you know how much you are loved and missed.

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