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Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
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one.Must post application within 24 hours of joining.
two.Do not comment on anything but your application until accepted.
three.Put the word 'pirate' in the subject line.
four.Don't comment back to every vote you get on your app.
five.If you dont sway someone when asked it'll be counted as a no.
six.You do not have to have pictures to apply.

one.Be active.
two.Vote and promote!
three.When voting use +/- or explain why your voting yes/no.
four.You may promote here, but if you do you must promote this community somewheres and show the link.
five. Participate in hunts and themes.
six.If your going away for a long period of time, please tell us.
seven.Don't base votes ONLY on applicant's pictures.
eight.If you challenge someone, make the subject CHALLENGING.
nine.If challenging/challenged fill out the challenge application and post it.
ten. When voting, put decision in subject line.

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Head mod.
Members page and points.

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Hunts and contests.

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Don't like someone in _rawrrrr? Well once you earn enough points(see below in Points section) you can challenge another member. In a challenge another member and they will both have to fill out a challenge application and members will vote who they like better. If the person challenged dosn't post their challenge application within 48 hours, they automaticly loose. The winner will get 75 points. The loser will have to reapply and they will loose all of their points. If they do reapply, the winner's vote will count as 2.
You CAN challenge mods. But if you win the mod obviously wont be out of the community so if you win you will get 150 points.

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Post pictures of your friends.

If you dont have pictures of your friends post pictures of people you wish you were friends with.

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Since this community is new and all, we need a good layout for it. So if you can make layouts and want to make one for this community, make it and post it, with a preview and once others are posted the members will vote on which one we should use for the community. If yours wins, you will get 150 points and your layout will be used and credited.

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a striped microphone.
shreds of paper.
someone thats dead, but you wish was alive.
a design you like.
dark purple guitar.


5 points.
Promoting to a promo community. (show the link)
A picture post with less than 10 pictures.

10 points.
Promoting to a community. (that allows it and show the link)
Picture post with 10-50 pictures.
Text post. (more points for the longer it is)

20 points.
Participating in a contest.
Putting a banner in your userinfo.
Promoting to a user's journal. (show link)
Make an accepted/rejected stamp.
Make a banner.
Make an icon.

30 points.
Participating in the theme.
Participating in the hunt.
Make a mod a picture.

40 points.
Picture posts with more than 50+ pictures.

75 points.
Winning a challenge.

150 points.
Winning a challenge against a mod.
Winning a contest.

How to spend points:
600 points.
Auto-accept/reject an applicant.
(If using, say so when you use it.)
Make a hunt.

700 points.
Make a theme.
Make an offline hunt.

800 points.
Make an offline theme.

900 points.
Kick someone out of the community.

1000 points.
Be mod for a day.


This communitie's layout was made by, 31483