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Just wanted to give everyone a heads up  about the Make Mine Chocolate campaign that's being put on by the House Rabbit Society and the Ontario Rabbit Education Organization.

"In North America, 8 out of every 10 rabbits end up abandoned at some point in their lives. Of that 80%, rescues and shelters are only able to save 3%, mostly due to the low adoption rate of full-grown rabbits."

Rabbits are not a suitable pet for children but still many parents buy their kids a bunny as an Easter "present". The Make Mine Chocolate campaign has printable flyers that can be put up at pet stores to encourage people to think twice and not buy a rabbit (or any animal) on impulse or as a gift.

Full article here.

Some of the flyers:

Dealing Dogs on HBO?

Has anyone seen this? I haven't seen this yet, but I see that it is still being aired, and I think it's on "On Demand". People at my work have watched it, and - knowing about my love for animals - have told me about it. I decided to look it up online and here's what I found.

I don't know if I want to see it... I get way too upset over things like this.
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"Crow poisoning program going well, officials say"

LANCASTER, Pa. -- A poisoning program to reduce the crow population in Lancaster County is scheduled to end next week, and so far it looks as if the program has worked well, according to officials.

"It'll be an ongoing program next year and the years after to educate the birds when they come to this area, to the county primarily, not to stop in this spot. Go to the other areas -- the other three roosts they are using now if we can get them acclimated to that," said Manheim Township Manager Jim Martin.

The poison being used is DRC-1339. There have been no long term studies done on this poison, and yes it is harmful to humans and domestic animals. The poison is scattered on the ground in pellet form, so yes it is leaching into the water system.

There is a local organization protesting this poisoning, but everyone can help a little. The local news channel is taking a vote for/against the crow poisoning, and the committee is using these statistics to beef up their protest.

Vote Here

To contact the woman (not me) in charge of the protest:
Michele Calabretta Nicarry
Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator

Lancaster County, PA
RVS subpermittee
passerine subpermittee

If this is an inappropriate intrusion into your community, I apologize. X-posted everywhere.

Helping - this takes NO effort! *PLEASE*

After a lot of searching, I have found the easiest way we can help the abused animals on Chinese fur farms. These animals live out their entire lives in cages far too small, are severely abused, and finally SKINNED ALIVE. Many of them remain alive - blinking and moving around for about 10 minutes after their skin has been removed. This treatment is completely unacceptable. The animals do not deserve to be treated this way, and we are the only ones that can help them. DOING ALL OF THESE WILL TAKE YOU A MAXIMUM OF 5 MINUTES, COSTS NOTHING, AND COULD MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE LIVES OF MILLIONS OF ANIMALS!! I am literally begging here... please help! Collapse )
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Fur Farm Cruelty. Please help.

Hi all. I'm brand new to this community. I joined because I found some very infuriating information and I'm on sort of a rampage - trying to get as many people as possible to write letters and pass this information on. I hope I don't sound too pushy here since none of you know me... I'm just absolutely desperate! Thank you so much for reading...

(Copied from my personal LJ)

I have some info and addresses where we can write and try to get something done about the inhumane treatment of the animals on fur farms in China.

Fur-wearers, you can help too! Your opinion matters most to the industry so please help!!!

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Please Check This Out

Ok, Im not in this community however i was shown an "art" form that really disturbed me, i wanted you guy to take a look and possibly help petition against it:

Hey everyone.... I was just sent an email that was a petition against this site:

You really need to check it out. its one of the most disgusting things ive ever seen. i feel terrible and i think anyone that cares should share it and i know that the more emails we can get against this, the more likely we will be to shut down the website.

Please look at this, read all the sections, the methods and pictures are sickening.


The greatest wolf massacre since the 1950's is now underway in Alaska. Governor Frank Murkowski has reinstated the barbaric practice of aerial gunning. Marksmen can gun down wolves from the air that are easy targets against the fallen snow. Or they can run the wolves to exhaustion, then land and shoot them point blank.

Murkowski's Board of Game has already approved the killing of over 1,000 wolves. They are likely to increase that number dramatically next year.

The Federal Airborne Hunting Act was enacted by Congress to stop such aerial gunning. Defenders has formally petitioned Interior Secretary Gale Norton to enforce this law and halt the wolf killing in Alaska. To date she's refused to act.

Please add your voice and call upon her to act today!


Hi! I just joined this community, and would like to say:
1. Too many people forget the rights of animals. I won't. I will never forget.
Speaking of which, has any one read, Free The Animals, by Ingrid Newirk, there are some excellent animal rescue stories there.

2. I've always wanted to join PETA. Being 17 though, my Mom won't let me, but, as soon as I'm old enough, animal abusers will have hell to pay!

3. I have 7 birds and a hermit crab, and wouldn't dream of not having them in my life. They come first, compared to every aspect of my life. I know too many people who will put there kids before there animals, I feel they should be treated equally. Afterall, you decided to be responsible for both.

4. I feel that this earth is overpopultated and overpolluted, and deforestation is becoming a big promblem. As a matter of fact, I got into an argument with my grampa about this. He was suggesting that Costa Rica should be "indrustialized" to encourage people to live there, and I went off about such a pretty place being destroyed.

The fact is: I love animals more than life itself, and I sware that I will save as many as I can before I die. And that should be a long time away...

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