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Dear NRDC Action Fund Supporter,

Just when you thought the House Republican leadership had run out of excuses
for destroying the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, they come up with a new
reason to do Big Oil's dirty work.

This week they're dangling jobs and money in front of the American public.
Their so-called "American-Made Energy and Good Jobs Act" (H.R. 5429) uses
wildly inflated numbers to claim that drilling the Arctic Refuge is good for
labor and good for the federal treasury.

The truth? The big winners in this plan are the oil companies; they'll be
stuffing their already bloated coffers with billions more in profits. And the
biggest losers are the American people; we'll sacrifice our greatest wildlife
sanctuary while we stay addicted to high-priced oil.

This Arctic wildlife destruction bill is being rushed to the floor for a vote
this week!

Please express your outrage at this bill by calling your member of Congress
right now:
Representative Shelley Berkley (202) 225-5965

Tell your Representative to put the public interest ahead of oil company
profits by voting NO on H.R. 5429.

This particular bill is especially dangerous because it will appeal to a few
dozen swing Democrats who sometimes vote for energy industry interests. We've
only got one or two days to shore up support among moderate Republicans
and to hold the Democrats together in defense of the Arctic.

That's why generating a flood of calls in all 435 Congressional districts is
vitally important.

Please pick up the phone right now, call your Representative, and urge a NO
vote on H.R. 5429.

And if you want to do even more to expose and defeat this shameless bill, go to
right now and make a donation so we can escalate this campaign in defense of
the Arctic Refuge. Thank you!


Frances Beinecke
NRDC Action Fund
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