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Welcome to _ratemyjournal__ratemyjournal_! Journal rating just got metrosexualized!

So you want to know what we think about your jounal, huh? Here's a little journal rating community, done up "Queer Eye" style. Each maintainer will choose a different aspect of your jounal to rate, and then together we'll give you a rank. Sound good? Now, we'll warn you though, if your journal sucks, we'll tell you. Remember, you are signing up to be rated so if you're easily offended, best not to ask our opinions. This is all in good fun.

We will rate you on these main points:

1. Layout - Are you original? Is it pretty? Basically, it should be original, non-clashing, fun to look at, and should say something about who you are. Also, put some effort in and use those overrides! They score major fabfive points!

2. Entries - While we won't read them to judge you as a person (we think YOU are great. your journal however...), we will look at them to see how you are using your journal. Do you only talk about your day? Do you give us some insight into what you're thinking? You don't have to get too deep, but we don't want to read "today sucked" on every entry. If your journal is friends only, then you need to add all of the maintainers as friends, or unlock at least five entries so that we may have a peek. Bottom line, we NEED to be able to see your entries!

3. User Info - Okay, we've heard the excuse "the journal tells who you are" and frankly my dears, we're sick of it. Give us at least a small background of who you are and what you like, that way we're prepared for the actual journal. If no info, no good grade, dolls!

4. Icons - Some good tips on icon usage: Use all of the spaces alotted, be they three or ten. Icons should be interesting, and of things that are important to you.

The grading scale is A-F and there is also the grade of U, which stands for Unrateable, darlings! If we can't read it, you get the U!

We should also mention that the grading will be done in three parts:

1. Whichever one of the maintainers gets to your jounral first will rate two of the above four areas and post what she thought.

2. The second maintainer will then rate the remaining two ares and post what she thought.

3. The two maintainers will confer and come up with a grade for your journal and post the grade.

You may check up on what we thought of your journal at any time, but keep in mind that the actual grade doesn't come until last.

As a general rule, only maintainers are allowed to post entries in the journal. However, if you get a grade of B or higher, then you will be allowed to post comments on our ratings. No, you will not be able to post new entries, and no, you will not be able to rate journals. Comprende, amigos? And for those of you who have not been given a grade of B or higher, if you post, you are gone from the community.