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Hello again Gothamgirl! I noticed that your layout and such has changed since last I looked at your good old lj, so I'm going to go with what I see now. And yes, I am rating because my good friend Honey Bear is way too busy to be hassled with rating journals at the moment. So I'm gonna play catch up.

Layout: Love it love it! It is so colorful, and I love the Corona bottles. Even though your journal is STILL friends only, I like the Friends Only bottle picture. Good use of overrides with the pictures and text. Nice job.

User Info: I like the amount of content, but I don't like all the black space. It could be because I'm on a mac at the moment, but it seems like there is a very, very long black bar running down the info page. Good info, though.

And your grade?

Well, I am going to have to dock you some serious points because of not being able to read your journal entries. Automatically, this should give you a grade of "U," but since I liked most everything else, I am going to go ahead and give you a grade. Honey Bear and I have decided that your journal gets a grade of C-, both because of not being able to read the journal and the user info could use a little work.
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