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_rateme's Journal

_rateme >> a rating community
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All Members , Moderated
_rateme is yet another rating community. only this time we urge you to be brutally honest. _rateme is not for those who expect things to be sugar coated, or for the easily offended.


1) You must have at least 3 pictures to apply. There is no maxiumum amount, but 3 is the minimum.
2) Photoshopped pictures are welcomed in an application, but make sure we can at least see you clearly enough to vote. If a photo is altered too much, your application will be deleted. Accepted members may post photoshopped photos whenever they wish.

3) Posting other peoples photos are stupid. So is posting nude pictures. They both are not allowed.

4) Shameless self promotion is tolerated to an extent. Please only post your community once. Tagging your link to each application or post is obnoxious and you will suffer the consequences.

5) Try out as many times as you want if not accepted the first time. But make sure you use different pictures, or it will just be pointless, right?

7) photobucket.com works. villagephotos.com does too.

8) Make sure you include "APPLICATION" or "NEW" in the subject line if you're new and applying. Stamped members, please make sure you write "STAMPED" in the subject line.

9) We're not going to make you put the stamp in your user info. That's just sort of stupid.

10) We'd love it if you spread the word.

For those who are accepted:

1) Only those who are stamped can vote.

2) Only those who are stamped can plug their community.

3) Be honest, be brutal, be whatever you want to be. Freedom of speech is accepted here.

Good luck.

Your name, age, and a minimum of three photos.

maintainer: yours_for_life