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Rasp. at The Casbah in San Diego 
10:35pm 28/03/2009
  (crossposted to inourbloomers for no real reason)

Just got back from the concert, and I was pretty impressed (though it has been quite a while since I last saw them live). Unfortunately the crowd was pretty small- I'd been hoping the place would be packed. Rasp hasn't been out on the west coast in a long time, and San Diego gets skipped over a lot by tours in favor of playing more in LA. Also it was an early show, which is always kinda weird.

Considering how Melora said that she'd been feeling under the weather, she certainly hit those high notes in "Watch T.V." with a damn vengeance. It was the first time I'd seen the new lineup, and it sounded wonderful to me. Daniel DeJesus can actually do a good job at singing the female backup vocals from the older songs and I really enjoyed his playing/singing. The drumming was awesome as well. Hopefully the wee ones don't run off to do solo projects too fast from the Rasputina Music Internship Program.

Highlights included Melora deciding to play a series of quick cello notes every time Daniel took a drink between songs, Melora confiding in us "even though it's none of your business" that she'd cannibalized the corpse of a gay relative that she'd just finished having sex with (yipe!), and accidentally making a sex joke during a song while she was slowly playing ascending notes to match where Daniel was... she said "hold on a second, I'm coming" before hitting the crescendo, and then got embarrassed after the song and said that wasn't what she meant. Yes, this is the sort of fabulous storytelling you have to resort to when you don't take a camera to a concert.

I tried to keep track of a setlist in my head, but they had Arrogant Bastard on tap, so that plan didn't quite work out. This is definitely incomplete and completely out of order, but it seems like they've had a pretty consistent setlist for this tour.

Thimble Island
Hunter's Kiss
American Girl
Rose K.
Wicked Dickie
Secret Message
Bad Moon Rising
Rusty the Skatemaker
Cage in a Cave
Identity Tokens
Oh Bring Back the Egg Unbroken
In Old Yellowcake
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Concert tonight. 
11:34pm 25/03/2009
  In little old Eugene Oregon, I got to see me some Rasputina which I haven't done since last year, when I was also their waiter. I must be the luckiest fan ever, 'cuz tonight was Ms. Creager's birthday and the whole place sang her happy birthday. Daniel is quite the new talent also. Many funny things occurred including the sound guy attempting to be artsy on Rusty the skatemaker and instead making what Melora referred to as "weird baby recordings". Was a fun concert though. That's all for now.  
Melora a la Basilica-Thoughts? 
10:06pm 10/02/2009
  What are your thoughts on the new album?

When I heard this was a limited-edition 1000-disc copy I snatched one up right away; I think mine is something like #576. I have to say I'm diggin Melora's red hair and the silver medieval outfit/theme is interesting. Although I did not expect this sort of religious motif from Rasputina (i.e: "basilica" or Christian church; the bible quote on the certificate)

Unlike many people I find Daniel's voice to be lovely with a sexy quality that harmonizes well with Melora's, and I would have liked to hear more of him on this album.(I think some just need more time to warm up to the sound of a male vocalist in Rasputina)

Clowns has become one of my most favorite songs, of all time. It is utterly poignant and beautiful, and I can't find any other words to explain how moving this song is to me. I have heard the Goldfrapp original and acknowledge the greatness from which it came, but Melora just knocks this version out of the park. Best cover EVER.

"I want to marry a lighthouse keeper" is so lively and cute I've been singing it to myself for days. :P

However: Rusty, Identity Tokens, Wicked Dickie, Rose K, Why Don't You Do Right? Girl Lunar Explorer & American Girl were all brilliant the first time and I feel they should have been left alone. You can't re-create perfection.

Also, I don't understand why the bonus track had to be a poor repeat of a song already on the track...

So there's my brief take on the latest offering from my favorite music group. I know this was a quickly made, low-to-no budget album and am grateful for the undying prolific-ness of Rasputina. Looking forward to Sister Kinderhook!
09:25am 27/10/2008
  Anyone have an extra ticket or two to hallowmass? Willing to sell my organs....or someone else's....  
Hiro Ballroom Post 2 
09:20pm 24/08/2008
mood: curious
Was anyone at the Hiro Ballroom show last night? I was sitting on the floor in the second row and asked about How We Quit the Forest when we did a Q&A.
I was and I have to say I really loved it. I never thought I'd see a fellow playing cello in Rasputina, but Daniel and Catie were awesome. I tried to take some pics but my cell but the resolution was ghastly.
Upcoming Show 
08:43pm 08/08/2008
  Is anybody else going to the show on the 23rd at the Hiro Ballroom? And is there any word on who'll be playing 2nd cello?  
11:14pm 13/01/2008
  I just joined this community a minute ago-- I LOOOOOVE Rasputina!! I have been listening to them for some years now and they are one of my absolute favorites.

And thanks to YouTube I've been able to see what they are like live, but unfortunately, I have yet to experience them. I am so disappointed that I just missed their recent tour because they were in the area.

I was wondering, is there any way to get a DVD of their live performances? I don't think I've seen anything official and I've even checked eBay... not sure if anything has been put together for people to buy.
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If reading simple innocent questions offends you, then don't read this scaaaaaaaaaaaanndoolous post! 
02:33pm 09/01/2008
mood: amused
Okay so I recently posted an entry in "inourbloomers", and apparently wondering who Melora's daughter's Daddy is, is a horrible question to ask because "I don't have a RIGHT TO KNOW" (according to some angry users).

So I'll ask again, here. I will simply ignore any irrationally pissed off responses because, well, it's just not worth my energy to respond to such silly things.

I KNOW it is not important. I KNOW it's "none of my business"


But does anyone know if "Sebastian Lane" (listed in the Thank You's on Cabin Fever) is Hollis Lane's dad? I think Melora said once that she "was married" and I was curious to know who the lucky gent was.

That is all. Thank you for reading.
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New York Dances of Vice Festival 2008 - feat. Rasputina + Neo-Victorian ball 
08:41pm 03/01/2008

Hey guys! If anyone's thinking about reserving 2-day or VIP tickets to the 2008 New York Dances of Vice Festival in February (Rasputina is headlining in the context of a neo-Victorian costumed ball) the the special promotion for those two passes ends on Saturday. The Two-Day Ticket is going to go from $40 to $45, and the VIP pass will go from $50 to $60.

The individual day pass for the Rasputina show date will remain $28. Additional entertainment for the date include performances by The Deadfly Ensemble, Desert Sin, Oryx Incruentus, Nicki Jaine - plus an art show, Victorian fencing demonstrations, vendors, and much more.

For those of you who haven't heard about the Dances of Vice Festival, this year's festival possesses a distinctly Neo-Victorian aesthetic which widely appeals to the gothic, Victorian, steampunk, glamour, Lolita, burlesque, performance artist, vintage lifestyle, costumer and alternative culture demographics.

More info: http://www.dancesofvice.com</span>
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01:41pm 01/12/2007
  Erica Mulkey/Unwoman, 2006 touring member of Rasputina, performs Caught Her from her new solo album Blossoms, live at Edinburgh Castle in San Francisco.

Unwoman - Caught Her live video
High res Quicktime (109MB)
Med res Quicktime (17MB)
Low res YouTube version
03:04pm 27/09/2007
  Does anyone know anything about Rasputina (or Melora) before their first album Thanks for the Ether?
There are some songs that are not on any of their albums and I wonder where they come from.

The ones I'm referring to are:
-Killing Comb
-Grey are the Greenest
-Small Boy Jumps
-Golden Grains
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Sheet Music 
08:42pm 18/09/2007
  Well, my procrastination has caused me a loss again.

I kept saying that, one day, I would eventually get an opportunity to fork over the $75 each to afford one of the sets of Rasputina sheet music available from their web site. Here it is, quite a while later, finally looking to more seriously spend the money, and they are gone!

Does anyone know where else I might find their sheet music for sale? I'd preferred to have bought it from Melora more directly, but wherever might have it now would suffice.

Help, pls? kthx.
Just when you thought they couldn't get any weirder... 
12:32pm 04/09/2007
mood: shocked
It seems I am constantly discovering new secrets, new pictures and tidbits of info on Rasputina when I'm convinced I know just about everything there is to know!

Melora just revealed in a recent interview after *11 years*, that Carpella Parvo was a fictious bandmember who never existed. She is credited in "Thanks for the Ether" for playing cello, and many people (including me) identified that name with the woman standing to the left of Melora inside the CD cover. That woman is actually Agnieszka Rybska, who IS credited in the Special Thanks section on the CD, I guess for appearing in the photoshoot, since she did not contribute musically to the album. (who knows why.)
Carpella's name was a play on "carpal tunnel syndrome" since Melora and Julia gave themselves carpal tunnel by playing the parts of the third-chair.

Melora's words were: "On the first record, Carpella Parvo. [Julia] Kent and I just made that up. Carpella was like carpal tunnel, because we gave ourselves carpal tunnel playing the other parts."

For years Carpella has been listed (and STILL is) under the Lost Souls section of their website as "The Mystery Girl. If anyone hears from her, let us know."!

Mel and Julia had us worrying about a missing person who was never even alive!

Leave it to Melora.

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Identity Tokens 
02:58pm 10/08/2007
mood: excited
So I *just* created this community and it's called identitytokens. It's a Rasputina-centric graphics community where you can post and browse to your hearts' content. I hope some of you will find it interesting and join.
Thanks in advance for listening to my plug. Hope to see you all around.
11:20pm 08/08/2007
I'm a cellist looking for Rasputina sheet music. I'd order it from the Rasputina site, but I don't have $75 lying around.

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does anyone have an mp3 
09:58am 08/08/2007
  of rasputina covering the kinks' I Go To Sleep?

I found it on youtube but...

if anyone has that song, care to share? thank you!

p.s. I'm new, hi everyone =^_^= I was @ the El Rey show in July
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Rasputina in Knoxville 
03:44pm 06/08/2007
  I saw Rasputina in Knoxville, TN last Friday (8/3) and thought they were amazing (I have a review here, backdated because I just reposted it from another post that had more personal info in it.) I was told I wasn't allowed to bring a camera, but other people had them, so I was wondering if anyone here happened to be at the show snapping pics that they wouldn't mind sharing?  
7/23/07 Tempe 
11:41pm 23/07/2007
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06:22pm 02/07/2007
  Huh? They have a new CD out? I had no clue...but I just saw it on iTunes.  
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" A Quitter" music video 
09:09pm 13/05/2007
mood: artistic
I just finished this music video today, I hope you guys like it.
' A Quitter' is one of my favorite songs by Rasputina. Even though it's sad, it's such a beautiful song.
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