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Hip-Hop Claims, Word Up!

Hip-Hop/Rap Claims!
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In the tradition of the kajillion other claiming comms out there on LJ, here be a new one! As the title says, all claims here are hip-hop/rap related.

So...what can I claim?
Just about anything, including...
Specific artists/groups/solo members
Specific songs/albums/videos
Quotes, either from songs or interviews or whatnot
Body parts (hair, eyes, etc)
Other possessions (pets, cars, a fave piece of furniture you saw on Cribs, etc.)
Performances, either live or taped
Pairings (if yer into that kind of thing ^_^)
Someone's fanart/fanfic (again, if yer into that stuff)
Anything related to acting roles
...pretty much anything under the sun. So have fun!

How many claims can I have?
Because there's a wonderful variety of artists out there with things to claim, I'm letting the limit for now be 10. I get 10 because as the mod, I can be greedy ^_^. The first 20 members to sign up also get 10 claims (how generous am I!). All members after that get 5 initially.

Augh, I wasn't one of the first 20! How can I get more claims?
Patience, shorty. ^-^ Here's how-
Link the comm in yer info, you get 1 extra claim.
1 extra claim for everyone you refer.
1 extra claim for each good graphic/icon/linking banner you create (and please try to put some effort into them. That's all I ask ^_^)

Are there rules to this?
You betcha:
-Obviously no flaming. I can't stress that enough.
-If someone has already claimed something you want, contact them and see if you can work out "sharing" peacefully. No more than 2 people to a claim.
-Leave the comm/delete yer journal and yer claims are up for grabs.
-No pimping other comms, please. There's community_promo for that.

Your sweetheart of a mod, writinchica2k