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Hi! This is Jun-Ko, and I just wanted to update my userinfo. I used to be faery_silver, but I've got a new udername, now. Just thought I'd say!

(I owned the Dead Celebrity Status boys and Mike Shinoda's rapping (abilities).)

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Hey, there! I'm new to this community, and I think it's cute. ^_^ Anyway, there's two things I'd like to "claim" hehe:

Dead Celebrity Status - I know the album Blood Music is taken, so I'd like to claim the boys themselves: Yas, Bobby and DJ Dopey


Linkin Park - Mike Shinoda's rapping

... if there's some kind of rule that I've overlooked and broken, please tell me. Anyway, later!


Claims ::

Shady LTD - Clothing Line
Oliva feat. 50 cent - Cloud 9 "lYRICS"
Young Buck- Prices on my head and like me now
Llyod banks " smile ".. warrior part 2.. work magic
I already have "himself"

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id like to claim:
1. 50 cent (himself)
2. usher (himself)
3. nelly (himself)
4. ma$e (himself)
5. gunit (the clothing line)
6. slum village (the band)
7. breathe stretch shake (the song by ma$e)
8. 21 questions (the song by 50 cent)
9. on fire (the song by lloyd banks)
10. soldier (the song by eminem)

<3 emily
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