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Yeah, we're pretty pissed

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Hey, everyone gets pissed sometimes. And the best thing to do is NOT to punch a hole through your wall... It's screaming. It let's what's bothering you out and makes you feel better. And this is just the place to do it.

You can let it out without pissing off the people around you. And if you need advice you gotta a whole group of people going through shit too that can help or just be there to listen.

1. Don't say anything sexist, racist, against anyone's religion, etc. This is a ranting community, not a place to bash on others.
2. Don't bitch at someone else just because you think their problems are small and petty. For all you know, other people think the same about you and your shit.
3. To just put all the rules simply... Be Respectful- Don't be a fucking shithead.
4. You don't follow these, you get banned and turned in for violating LiveJournal TOS.

Got It?


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