April 24th, 2005

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Radio Buffy! (x-posted)

For those of you that have the ability to listen to the radio through
your computer, I host a radio show at http://www.kpsu.org on Tuesdays
from 3pm to 5pm Pacific time. It's called Reverend Kate's Theme of the
Week. Why is this relevant, you ask? Well, because April 26th my theme
will be Buffy The Vampire Slayer! I plan to play music from both TV
soundtracks, the movie soundtrack, the musical, as well as music from
Common Rotation (The Big Fear and 28 Orange Street), Ghost of the
Robot (Mad Brilliant), Anthony Stewart Head (Music For Elevators), and
if it arrives in time (corssing all finers and toes and other
extremities), James Marsters' new CD A Civilized Man ! ! Many thanks
by the way, to Time Machine Collectibles, for putting a rush on my
order, so I can hopefully share the CD with the internet
radio-listening public! :) (well, and with students on the Portland
State University campus :) )

Hope everyone tunes in! You can message me during the show, too, on
AIM: ReverendKateS or on Yahoo Messenger: spikedangel0820 or
jamesmastersloveslave, or drop me an email at reverendkate@...

Thank you for your time!
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James Marsters live in leeds

Well I went to see James play last night. Here is my account. Got to Joseph's Well (the venue) at 7.30 as per the time on the ticket and the queue was HUGE. From the converstions I heard, a lot of people are doing the whole tour with James, Lucky them. I have never seen Joseph's Well make people queue before - must be a James thing. We got in about 8.00pm and went straight to the bar. Chatted away to some people, ususal Buffy conversations etc. Went in to hear a bit of the support act at around 8.30pm. I think they were called "Biscuit Badgers" a local act and they were absolutely shockingly awful. I was really glad when they shut the hell up. You could feel the tension in the crowd start to mount about 08.45. It was of course 95% women with a few boyfriends who had been dragged along and a couple of random guys. James made it onstage at about 9ish. Dammn, sometimes I forget how stunning this guy is in the flesh. He was wearing a black T-shirt with a black shirt over it. It was really hot in the gig. It is a smallish room which was absolutely rammed. After the first song which was taken from the new album, he took the shirt off and then joked that was a far as it goes. We had a little squee. James has such a presence on stage. Here is one guy with a guitar just standing there. His charisma and force of personality held the entire crowd. He joked with us between songs. I didn't know most of them as I don't have "live in five". A lot seem to be about getting your heart broken. Bless him. He changed his acoustic guitar to eletric halfway through. He can play by the way, no probs with his musical skills. His voice is sort of moody and Yummy. So anyway, I guess he played for about an hour. he did a little encore and then split straight away, so no signing. I don't blame him for that, with 300 people he would have been there all night! My one grouse was this - I wanted to get the cd. At one point the queue was huge so I went away. Half an hour later I went back and they had packed up so I couldn't get one - bummer will have to find the website.
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