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I have a random thing for you.


This is a community for two friends of mine, who are very awesome and very insane. Check it out, read over the previous entries (there are only a few), and see if it doesn't make you giggle.

Click the link. You know you want to. Do it. Do it now.

from my myspace inbox.

did anyone else get this on myspace??? jesus christ...

Body: Good Day! I am glad to find there are interesting persons in this place! And I would be glad to get acquainted with someone like you! I want to introduce myself: . My real name is Stanley Okafor,a male from Enugu State in Nigeria, i also stay in my country Nigeria now. I am 22yrs of age. I will like to use this opportunity to tell u that i'm active and strong in any area .I promise, i will be good to u and take good care of u more than any other person can do, i hope u will like to be in my country Nigeria cos. u will experience some of our cultures , will u like come to my country Nigeria?, with me it will be possible for u. I wanna make a real love with u ok, i realy luv. u, if u don' t want to come to Nigeria then tell me how we gat to meet face to face and share our love together, this is my contact address. My email is skyduke2005@yahoo.com
U can contact me through it

Ur picture trip me, Anyway i'm looking for a pritty lady that is caring and know what is called love that will be my life parttner for life, Even if we don't get married, i want u to be a good friend of mine, the one i can give all my trust and can rely on, then i will send my picture to u for a court marriage, or if it is INVITATION LETTER. While i'm saying this is that it will be fasten our love and we will now have a real love and a physical sex . I hope u have a postal address and phone number, i need all ur contact. Comming to know me much My real name is Stanley Ikechukwu Okafor, like i said it in the begining,i was born in Enugu State that's my state of origin and i was born in the year 29th march 1983 by the time month of march 2005 will runs over i will become 22 of age. My full contact is 22 Amangwu Iji Nike,
Enugu East Local Government Area,
Enugu State in Nigeria.
My postal address is P.o.Box 3020 Enugu State in Nigeria and also my cell phone number will be soon, i give it u. You can easily contact me any time ok.i really care for u sweet heart, ur so sweet, i care for u badly. Have a greate day.
pls sweet heart if ur interesting when replying just give me ur postal adress so that i will send my pictures to u ok.

Do u like masquerade?, if u woundn't mind i will purchase it and sent it to u soon, it is one of Nigeria culture , it is a masquerade cultural dance. It is in VCD . Believe me u need to watch it. I love u honey.
With Love From