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What's a weird fear you have that no one else probably does?windchimes. SHUT UP!
Is not Jon Stewart great?jon stewart helped me find jesus.
What song are you listening to?uh. some eazy e song.
Best face wash/acne fighting product?brevoxyl.
How loud do you sneeze?i achu high pitched like a dainty southern belle.
Do you like your handwriting?it's way awesome.
Ugliest color you've ever seen?WHITE ON UNDERWEAR.
Does having matching socks matter to you?hell naw!
If you were in band, what would you call it?uh. 187 & the glocks.
Last time you were on a plane?wow. a year. that's sad.
Have a digital camera?kodak dx6490, holla!
How big is your TV?haha which one?! 36".
Have you ever heard of Mystery Science Theater 3000?pssh. yes.
How many pillows do you sleep with?six, and they're calvin klein, ooh la la!
sXe.. good or bad?GHEY AS HELL.
Most annoying commercail ever?wow. can't think of any.
Lamest pick-up line ever?all of them.
Dumbest song ever?trio, da-da-da.
Worst way to die?being ripped to shreds by a pack of TJ dogs.
Who's the funniest comedian?wow. dave chappelle, lewis black, jamie foxx.
Ever been in a car accident?nope.
Ever had braces?yes.
Do you know HTML?yes.
What's the most useless class in school?um. gym.
Best Jones Soda flavor?!!! PINK! but i don't think they make it anymore. I like CRUSHED MELON, too.
Something you collect?hewro kitty!
Something you're allergic to?puerto ricans.
Something you wish would die?emo.

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