September 9th, 2005


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i just took the dogs out, and i could hear the 'L.
i thought, that's odd. it's so far away.
then i mapquested it, and it's only 9 blocks away.

so, moral of this story,
i consider 9 blocks an insurmountable feat that i take a bus or cab to,
and it's so noisy here i can't hear a loud train 1.3 miles away.
Final Chaos

No it's not. You can't prove anything.

So the Seraphim look at the Quetzalis, noting that their holy powers were greater than theirs, but not greater than the Esujim. The Steven flew in, all of them looked exactly the same as far as the Seraphim and Quetzalis were concerned. Oddly enough, the Viane were able to distinguish the difference between them.

Luzifer watched this in disgust, her hair sending burning pulses down her spine and wings. She looked at Sattan, who was also apparently angry, and issued an order to Lilith. Lilith nodded and summoned her five children: Massacre, Doomsday, Apocalypse, Armageddon, and Holocaust.

None of this. None of it.
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