August 15th, 2005

Hi all!

Hey there I am new to this community and decided to post a picture. I have been dying for some place to post this and for some reason I have yet to post it in my own LJ, but I will put it here for you fine people to view and laugh at. My friend Josh is...he is special. Very special. He is not mentally retarded or anything but he is ...special in his own right. Myself, Josh, my friend Manderz, her boyfriend Mike and Manderz's little sister Shalimar were all eating brunch in a breakfast house. A balloonmaker came to us and Josh being special asked him to make a balloon that said "NOOB" on it. Here are the affects of it. I am the girl holding the balloon above my special friend...god that doesn't even sound like a word anymore...

NOOB!Collapse )
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