December 15th, 2004

i'll poke you in the fucking eye!

I know this is in my journal... but... i wanted ya'll to read it too.

i'm and asshole. maybe the epitome of asshole...
here's what i posted on the deviantart forum today:

as a single mother of siamese twins (joined at the ass) i struggle with diapers. i mean, imagine finding a diaper to fit over the asses of two three-yearolds.(btw they're retarded too)

i began buying adult diapers, and that worked for some time. but it won't work forever. but i'm beginning to feel that diaper manufacturers are acting in a descriminatory fashion. they should make a diaper for kids with special needs.

my retarded/freakshow sons are going to need diapers for their entire lives. once they're adult sized there'll be no way to keep their fat ass covered. i've written letters, made phone calls to politicians, even called the local news. but it's as though no one cares.

the lady at channel 6 actually told me " this is not funny! i don't know who you think you are, making prank calls that are totally insensitive; but my nephew is retarded! if you call us again I WILL call the police, because this is harassment."

I'll be damned if I need to invent a whole new diaper, but they're growing fast. What should I do?
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