November 24th, 2004


Hi! :)
I'm Darcy...and! I love being random. I'm uh 13 years old..and..a girl...obviously. i like...colorful things! Like rainbows. I heard about this community from a frieeend :) lol. ermm...i like music. rap, r n b, hip hop, country, some rock...hardly any though. Like switchfoot. i like to shoppp...n...go to the movies. comment...and add me! woohoo!
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    meee singin :)


Newbie <3


okay well my name is amanda but no one ever calls  me that you can call  me manda or manderz i dont care lol. umm im 13 , and i was bored and i was in a '' random '' mood.. lol im watching degrassi!


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