March 12th, 2004

  • _m0an


yesterday, i got this letter from a new penpal. me mum picked up the mail before i got home from school and i was exhausted anyhow; so i went into my room and fell asleep for a bit. when she came into my room to inquire as to whom wrote the letter she now held in her hands, i, being half comatose and aggrivated, and not having any idea what she was talking about... asked who it SAID it was from.

"alex smith."

"alex smith sent it, mum."

"yes, but who is he?"

"you remember alex smith, mum. he was that kid who got "sent away". he came to my 15th birthday party and we spent the entire night avoiding the masses. we fell asleep on the trampoline and you woke us up in the early morning and coaxed us inside, afraid that the bugs would eat us alive. we were inseparable that summer."

"oh yeahh! i remember that kid! i don't think i want you talking to him anymore."


i didn't have a 15th birthday party. at least not with people, i don't think. and certainly not with any alex smiths.

i wonder if i can make her remember other things...
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