January 26th, 2004


I want tell you about a great site called KiwiBox. On KiwiBox.com you can earn points to win prizes such as CDs, movie passes, Playstation/N64/Dreamcast games, a PS2, concert tickets and much more!
KiwiBox also has contest. Right now the current contest that are going on are for 2004 NHL All-Star, Armor For Sleep, and Phantom Planet. In the contest you could win KiwiPoints, merchandise and Cds.
There are also all kinds of cool games, articles, post boards and people you can meet. You can create your own journal, post boards, and polls. You can get/give advice, read articles (and submit some of your own). Get your horoscope, joke of the day and news while your playing a game of pool all in one place!

Wanna join? Go to this link to join:

Much aloha and kiwi love!
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