Final Chaos


ChAoS X MaX [1:26 PM]: backedy
EphemeralLonging [1:26 PM]: Welcomes backedy.
ChAoS X MaX [1:26 PM]: Thankies the you.
EphemeralLonging [1:26 PM]: o.o;
ChAoS X MaX [1:26 PM]: >,>
EphemeralLonging [1:27 PM]: Okay, getting creepy now..
ChAoS X MaX [1:27 PM]: what? lol
ChAoS X MaX [1:28 PM]: whooosh
EphemeralLonging [1:28 PM]: lol
ChAoS X MaX [1:28 PM]: what you doing?
EphemeralLonging [1:29 PM]: Talking to meh' friend on the celly.
ChAoS X MaX [1:29 PM]: o,o
EphemeralLonging [1:29 PM]: lol
EphemeralLonging [1:29 PM]: Sorry.
ChAoS X MaX [1:29 PM]: eep?
EphemeralLonging [1:29 PM]: Gangsta moment.
EphemeralLonging [1:29 PM]: LOL
ChAoS X MaX [1:29 PM]: o_o
ChAoS X MaX [1:29 PM]: lol
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my cousin drew me a picture of a flower monster.

on the back it says " Dear Alex, this is for you. i love you. love from mathilda"

all written like a dot to dot puzzle because she is still learning to write properly.

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so i was reading a book and i read that there are two different types of time. One being body time. You di things when you feel like it. Live by emotions and desires. The other is mechanical time. Living by clocks and units of measurement. and about how both of these are truths but the truths are different. This is very interesting and all but the comment about mechanical time really struck me funny. Because seconds, minutes, hours, days. they're just units of measurement. But we base our lives around them. They have no real relavence. Oh by the way. cool community. Its a shame more people havent joined.
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I like this lots, i like writing things down and i have a whole book full of notes i've written and bits of conversations i've heard or things i've read.
Maybe one day i will copy bits up into this journal.
Can i come and live with you in Dinotopia?
hello alex.