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... Получилось, будто митрополит согласен с нацистской символикой...
Получилось что "митрополит согласен с нацистами" ?
На самом деле получилось что
1)нацисты согласны с митрополитами
2)Митрополитам похуй кого они ведут за собой

Hass und Liebe - Ein Lied

Hass und Liebe

Hass, wie ein Feuer,
Mein Fleisch und meine Seele brennen.

Hass, ich hasse dich
Hass, du hasst mich
Hass, wir all hassen einander

Liebe, wie eine Blume,
Mich brennen scheinen auf eine schwarz Leere.

Liebe, warum die Schmerz?
Liebe, du liebt uns nicht,
Liebe, dein Schmerz sterben muss nicht
Keine Liebe fuer alle Kinder...nur Hass.

Please tell me what you think....about the grammar and stuff....I know I'm bad at German, and this is the first thing that popped into my head when I was giving myself a writing lesson. LOL

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Oh god! not ofense but this community is so empty.. doesn't anybody have anything good to comment or something?? =D I'm joking.! So i'll be introducing myself.. I'm brendos.. I like rammstein music.. thought for a long time i haven't listened the new songs of their recent album! whatever! i just watched some or their vids. i think it was called "men gegen men" not very sure.. but i saw it and OMG the were all naked.. it was kinda weird! it only made me remember why in the beggining i was so afraid of the group!! jajajaja!! u can imagine how a big fan i am!! cuz i absoualy named my 10 months old baby Herzeleyd!!!
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hey just wondering

Hey guys I'm new to the community but I'm a really big Rammstein fan and I was just wondering if anybody could send me any of the cd's all I have is rosenrot and I'd love to get some thanks I appreciate any help

Introducing me!

Just thought I would say I am new to LJ and new to this group.

I first heard Rammstein on the sountrack of The Matrix. I downloaded their 3 albums of the time and liked them so much I shelled out for the real things. Now I have all of their albums and two DVDs.

These guys are are the reason I have taken up guitar.

More, gimme more!
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