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My friend Jess (aurio) and I have this strange thing where we are constantly connected to Ralph Macchio in some way. We just found another one today so I figured you guys might find them kind of funny. I swear, I'm not making these up.

-He lives a few minutes away from us.
-Jessica's mom went to Jazzercise with his sister-in-law and used to go to her house to get her nails done, she lives right next door to Ralph.
-When he was younger my grandpa used to sell him clothes at his store.
-A family friend lives a few blocks away and saw him directing traffic the other day when his car broke down.
-Our friends neighbor delivered one of his babies.
-A girl in our school is his cousin.

...I feel like there are more but I'm forgetting them if there are. I guess that's what you get when you live on Long Island. Anyone else find they have weird connections to him, or is it just us?

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