Hi Everyone!!

Hey everyone:

i'm new to this whole livejournal thing. i am  the biggest ralph macchio fan in the world. i love everything about him. glad to see so many ralph macchio fans here. 

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Cool! A community about one of my fave people ever. I love Ralph. To me, he was the hottest in My Cousin Vinny. I looooove that movie and I know it was because of him. Well....and the movie is hilarious, but Ralph was SOOO amazingly good looking in that.

Anyway, just watched it last night, and thought I would see if there was a community dedicated to him and there was!! Just saying hi every one.

Sorry, I bear no welcome gifts. Just me and plain old text. No pics. :(
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"Teachers" on DVD...

Just learned that Ralph's movie "Teachers" will be available on DVD August 28th.

It is my favorite Ralph movie so I'm uber excited!

"Teachers" will also show on Showtime's Showtime Showcase channel on 7/13 at 1:45 am and on Showtime on 7/18 at 3:30. (I have planned to DVR -> DVD for awhile. lol.)
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So, I may or may not have been at Ralph Macchio's house a few minutes ago with aurio...and when I say that, I mean I was. We are only mildly creepy and when we found out he lives near us of course HAD to go on Halloween because, what a perfect excuse to knock on his door. Unfortunately, he didn't answer but his wife did and we got to give her a birthday card to give to him AND we saw him through the window and he was on his computer!!! So, it was pretty exciting and now we have Ralph Macchio's candy to cherish and he has our birthday card. :)

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My friend Jess (aurio) and I have this strange thing where we are constantly connected to Ralph Macchio in some way. We just found another one today so I figured you guys might find them kind of funny. I swear, I'm not making these up.

-He lives a few minutes away from us.
-Jessica's mom went to Jazzercise with his sister-in-law and used to go to her house to get her nails done, she lives right next door to Ralph.
-When he was younger my grandpa used to sell him clothes at his store.
-A family friend lives a few blocks away and saw him directing traffic the other day when his car broke down.
-Our friends neighbor delivered one of his babies.
-A girl in our school is his cousin.

...I feel like there are more but I'm forgetting them if there are. I guess that's what you get when you live on Long Island. Anyone else find they have weird connections to him, or is it just us?
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