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hey guys. not sure if anyone reads this anymore, but i figure i'd post anyway. i saw cait on tuesday and took some video of my favorite song of hers from the new album. i have a write up and photos in my journal if you care to read. enjoy :)

photo by bernie dechant

Kyle Fischer's Abandoned Masterpiece

I don't know if you've been keeping up with the goings on of Kyle, but he's been keeping busy. He's started a record label with friends, End Up Records. He's been working on a lot of different albums, including the solo effort from Caithlin De Marrais. But today sees the release of his "abandoned masterpiece", Black Milk. You can stream the album on the End Up Records website,Here!.

It's beautiful. Just wait.

<3 Lauren Balthrop

just walked in from philly show...

easily one of the most amazing shows of my life (show wise AND crowd wise - I've never seen quite so many people go so absolutely nuts in the last song...also with people coming in from all over the country, including my new friends who made a 12 hour drive from florida and another who flew in from Las Vegas (making my flight from NC seem like small potatoes!) I would write more but I am exhausted and must sleep before hopping on the train to NYC tomorrow morning...


Broken Radio
There will be no night 
Soul Singer
Artificial Light
Spit and Fire
Thought I was 
Make you Mine
Reason the night is long 
CT Catholique 
Already Lost
Ears Rang (sic) 

Encore 1: 

Breakfast of Champions

Encore 2: 
Contents of lincoln's pockets

(p.s. rubymulligan you are sorely missed).

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wow...i don't know about anyone else, but i might cry at work today.

i'm going to the last philly show tonight...i can't believe they're disbanding. they've meant so much to me in the five years i've been listening. i've had my ipod playing only their songs all week and i've been reliving memories...places i've been, roadtrips with only them as the soundtrack, straining my neck to take it all in to, and just...how their songs have made me felt, and how their music has been there when i needed it.

anyone else going tonight?

and ps...the weather in this region today is so fitting.
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