Sometimes, A Map Can't Help You Find Your Way....

So many cracks to fall through,
so many places to get lost in.

In the city, where faces look
like blank masks, is it any
wonder that no one asks for

Sometimes I find myself on
the brink of a break through,
only to discover.....
I've fallen asleep on the bus again.

I could really use a drink,
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    I hum a tune, but nobody listens...
koalas are weak little bitches

SO wtf bitches

This community seems dead. Is it?

I don't know. If it is, what a shame. It seems pretty neat.

I joined because I am not immortal but I am a nerd with low self-esteem, and will proceed to post random shit until someone complains.

Where Did Everbody Go?

The Stage Is Set.

The rain falls like a curtain,
obscuring the actors,
and the stage.

Props move through the deluge,
and extras walk around,
in a vague attempt to create atmosphere.

But where has the audience gone,
for their seats are empty,
and the silence is louder then applause.

A figure walks out of the back drop,
as the rain puddles at his feet,
and he raises his face to the room.

Seeing there's no-one there,
he signals to the others,
and life goes on as it did before.

The curtain of rain continues to fall,
but now, instead of acting out life,
the actors have gone off to live it.

Any hue, it's getting late.
Take care,
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    Dave Mathews, Crash. Cause sometimes you feel like wreckage.

Listen To The Falling Rain. (Cause It's Raining Somewhere.)

I find sunny days are the worst.
Not because there's something wrong
with sunny days...just because there are
certain expectations that sometimes go
along with those days, and how you spent them.
Like they were gold or something.

I prefer the coolness of a damp cloudy day.
You can throw on a sweater, and take a walk.
No worries about getting too hot,
or if you needed to put some sunscreen on.
No busheling crowds to make your way threw.

Just you and the cloudy greyness.

I also find the imagination has more room
to take flight, and carry one away.

But then, that could just be me.

Gonna go in now,
it's time for bed.
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Holly meets her doom-theworldrejoices

Do something amazing today.

Nobody has posted here for a while.
So I'll be inane and post something random.

My insanely stupid emo name is kill my heart because you're bored.
Take If Your Name Was An Emo Song... Generator Thingy today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.

I did that, and I like my stupid emo song name.
Does this make me naff? On second thoughts I don't give a crap.

Tonight I played Disney Monopoly.
Tommorrow night I will sit on a wasteland near the estate I live on and drink alcohol with a bunch of boys to celebrate one of their birthdays.
Odds are the police will find us.
I bet you wish you were me, don't you?

In Other News: Who gives a shit if David Beckham has slept with someone other than his wife? I know I don't. Fern Britton needs to shut up "I don't want to believe this is happening!" she should stop hosting daytime TV with Phillip Schofield.
I fancied Phillip Schofiled when I was four. And Axl Rose. And Pat Sharpe. And Kurt Cobain. And the boy in my class. And Bono from U2. And Jason Donovan
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I got my highlights 'toned down' last week (i had to. ._.x400). so I'm in school today and this guy goes, hey, ruth, something's different about your hair... have you had highlights or something? and I'm like... @-@ FOR A YEAR NOW