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Find a Rainbow to the Stars

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All Members , Moderated
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This is a rating community just for ravers & kandy kids. :) Although it is a
rating community based on looks, not EVERYTHING depends on looks! Your
personality also determines whether you are "hot" here!! :) Please read all this
info before you join the community. Once you join, please post your application
and pictures right away! :) If there are any questions or concerns, please email

Don't forget to HAVE FUN!

To join this community, you must first read all the following rules.
Rules To Join:
1. You must post your application within one day of joining the community.
2. Your application MUST be posted behind a lj cut!!! Make the cut text read
"Application." If you do not now how to do this, ask someone or read the FAQs on
LJ! You can also go to the Rich Text option at the bottom of the update window
when posting your app, & you click the (...) button .. That is the LJ cut
option! Then just type in "Application" in the window that pops up and hit Ok!!!
PLEASE don't forget to use the cut! please!
3. You must fill out the application completely, and provide all requested
4. Remember to make your personality shine through your application and photos.
Your job is to make the mod, co-mods, and members WANT to accept you to the
community! But the votes won't be based entirely on looks, so even if you think
you aren't the hottest person ever, just make your application stand out!
5. You must type "We are the children of the night" in the subject line of your
application to prove you've read these rules.
6. You cannot post anything other than your application until you are an
accepted member.
7. You cannot comment on any other posts in the community besides your own
application until you are an accepted member.
8. You must practice PLUR in everything you do. Even if an accepted member says
no, keep your cool and do not take it personally.
9.  Accepted members will vote Yes or No on your application. You must
recieve 5 "Yes" or 5 "No" votes in order to be accepted or rejected at Rainbow
10. If you are rejected, you may reapply with DIFFERENT pictures & a modified


All accepted members must do the following if they wish to stay a member of
Rainbow Island.
1. Always remember PLUR. Never forget that we are all human beings deserving
respect. :) And NO DRAMA. This should be a fun community.
2. Once you are accepted, you are expected to post once in a while with new
pictures. When you are posting as an accepted member, please write "Stamped" as
the first word in the subject line of your post.
3. You MUST post a banner & link for the community in your live journal user
info! If you can't figure out how to do this, ask and someone will help you out!
4. Please try to promote the community and get your friends to join!
5. When you are voting on a new member's application, you MUST write Yes or No
in the subject of your comment, and then in the body of the comment you must
write the reason for your vote.
6. It will take 5 accepted members "Yes" or "No" votes to accept or deny a new
application. However, the Mod has the right to accept or deny any application
with less votes than that, and the Mod has the power to over-rule any and all
votes. Basically, the Mod has the absolute final say!!
7. Co-Mods are 2nd in the chain of power. Co-Mod votes will count as 2 regular
votes! That means if 2 co-mods vote No, then 1 regular member must vote no as
well for the applicant to be rejected; likewise, if 2 co-mods vote yes, then 1
regular member must also vote yes in order for the applicant to be accepted.
However, ALL these votes can be over-ruled by the Mod. Get it? If not, email
kungfukandy@hotmail.com & ask me
about these voting rules & i'll try to explain more to you. :)
8. Since this community is new, there will be one Mod & 2 Co-Mods for now. The
amount of co-mods may change as the community grows. Also, the amount of votes
it takes to be accepted or denied may be changed once the community grows.
9. Attention Co-Mods: You Must Write "CO-MOD VOTE: Yes" OR "CO-MOD VOTE: No" in
the subject line of your comments on new applications!!! You need to write
co-mod so i know to count your vote as 2!!!! :)
10. If you want to post an advertisement to another community, you must first
ASK to do so! The only people who can accept or deny this request are the Mod &
11. When voting on applicants, take into consideration the effort they put into
their application & their personality. Although you are rating based on looks,
you can also base your vote on these other things!

12. Be honest about what you think when voting, but try not to be "brutal" or
mean. :)



Don't forget you must fill this out completely & provide all
pictures requested in order to be accepted!

-Basic Info-
Real Name:

Zodiac Sign:
Sexual Preference:
Relationship Status:
Hobbies (other than raving!):

-Party Info-
Where do you Rave currently:
How Long Have You Been Raving:
What is your favorite party so far:
What is your favorite party venue and why:
Who are your favorite DJs (local & national/international):
What is your favorite thing about Raves:
What kind of raver would you categorize yourself as (kandy kid, junglist, or
What is your dance style at parties:
What are your thoughts on drug use at raves:
What does PLUR mean to you:

-Your Favorites-
Band or singer (not DJ!):
TV Show:
Book or Author:

-Your Looks-
Body Type (thin, slim, average, muscular, big-boned, sumo wrestler, etc!):
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Favorite physical feature about yourself:
If you had to rate your looks, what would you give yourself:


-Your Pictures-
Please post at least 4 photos of yourself. One should be a half or full body
shot. At least one should show you at a rave, or dressed up in your rave gear!
:) And at least one should show your face clearly and give a good idea of how
you look. More than 4 photos is fine, but less than 4 is not cool.



- Jamie


- Rhiana

- Jerica

Accepted Members:
i_wanna_die - Leland

- Linn

- Serene

- Justin

- Amanda
lilmxedupgirlie - Charlene
moonlight_skyes - Skye
heartofstiches - Molly
sparkly_kitty - Jeanette
kandyravenplur - Heather
cut_your_noose - Alli
camaro_racer - Alice
ana_bluedragon - Ashley
moontrip - Sara
tripiithemoon - Jerilyn
_mansonite_ - Ally
transparensee - Sarah Jane
uv_ragdoll - Shelley
injectioncrisis - Deborah

Rejected Members:


Promo Banners:
Attention Accepted Members: Please post one of these
promo banners with a link to the community info page in your lj user info!!! YOU


Accepted Banners:
The mod will post one of these banners as a comment on a new member's
application if they are accepted at Rainbow Island.

Rejected Banners:
The mod will post one of these banners as a comment on a new member's
application if they are rejected at Rainbow Island.