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Welcome to the Rainbow Country community! First let me clear up, this is not a gay pride community. Homosexuality is welcome, but that's not what the "rainbow" thing is about. It's a song by Bob Marley, aka the coolest person ever to grace this earth. The song, "Rainbow Country" is about a world where happiness is free, all you have to do is let the music free your mind. The arts will always free our minds and bring a natural high that no drug can bring. So, whether it's acting, singing, writing, drawing, painting, sculpting, poetry, rapping, dancing, breaking, or playing music, whatever gets you high belongs in this community. Rebels and trendsetters make up the future, so rainbow country is where you can let your soul take you wherever you want to go.

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1. If you're posting pictures or lyrics, take advantage of the "lj cut" function. It's there for a reason.

2. No porn. Artistic nudity is acceptable, but you can judge what is considered just plain gross.

3. For members: PROMOTE! I'll give you a cookie!

4. Don't insult people's work or tell them they're a dork. We're all dorks, that's why were here :P

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Feel free to email <mailto:"jennajoe714@yahoo.com>me at jennajoe714@yahoo.com for any questions. You can also IM me on "seckseh jenna" if you're lazy. Don't email me going "CAN I JOIN???" 'cause I will dub you as stupid and say that you can't. Anyone may join, you don't have to bug me about it.

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*Blush* My graphic design skillz are few and far in between, so I would love some more banners if anyone would like to donate!
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