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Age/Birth Date:15, May 15, 1990.
Sex (male or female):I'm a girl.

ten hippest bands:
The Used
Rage Against The Machine
Bright Eyes
No Doubt
Cold Fusion
The Postal Service
The Clash
5 raddest Movies
What The Bleep Do We Know?!
Finding Neverland
Dumb and Dumber
Austin Powers
3 Most Hated Bands/Why
Hilary Duff- I know she's not a band, but I can't stand her and her music.
Hawthorne Heights- Just one of those bands that I don't like, somehitng about the that irks me.
Simple Plan- Do I really need to explain?


Color{s}:Pink, orange, blue and green.
Song:Don't Push-Sublime
Animal:Polar Bears and Flamingos


What do you think about…
Homosexuality/Same sex marriages: I believe love is love and that anyone should have the right to be married no matter what the sexual preferance is. Not everyone lives by the Bible.
Abortion:I think that having a child is a huge thing. I don't neccessarily believe that aborion is the answer, but if the woman or girl was raped, or she knows that she won't be able to care for her child and raise it in a safe and supportive environment, then it is her choice if she wants to keep the baby or not.
War:Only if it's absolutley neccssary (i.e. a huge army invades your country/nation whatever, bent on conquest and enslavment...then you should defned yourself and your freedom.)
George Bush:He's a human just like the rest of us, I don't agree with some of his choices and actions, but we all make mistakes.
Self Harm:It's your body...I'm not for it or against it.
Drugs/Alcohol:To each his own.

.::about you::.

Are you single/dating? Taken:)
What makes you rad? I'm creative, outgoing, and have an open mind.


Entertain Us, tell us a story, a joke, anything that will amuse us: Hokay, so it's around 3 in the morning and this couple are sleeping peacefully when they here a knock on the door...The wife is concerned and tells her not-so-happy husband to go see who it is and what they want. Grumpily, the husband throws on his robe and stomps downstairs to the door. When he answers there's this totaly drunk guy.."Hey, sir, do you think you could give me a push," (said in drunken voice)...The husband, really angry now yells at the drunk "It's THREE IN THE MORNING, GET A PUSH SOMEWHERE ELSE!" And slams the door and stomps back upstairs. He tells his wife what happened and concerned, she reminds him of the time that thier car broke down and tehy needed and push and urged her husband to go help the man. Pissed off, he goes back downstairs, and outside...He calls out for the man "Hey, buddy, do you still need a push?"...The drunk replies "Yeha, I'm over here by the swing!"...It's better told in person, but I still love it...In case that didn't entertain you, here's this:
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PROMOTE US. Where did you promote us to?...your promo banners aren't there...
Mandatory: Now post at least 2 pictures (no more than 10), must have a clear shot of your face. Nude photos are not allowed in your application.
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Optional: post a picture that shows your rad-ness.
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