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Name: Caitlin [but you can call me Cait]
Age/Birth Date: 16 years young, born june the 2nd, 1989
Location: somewhere in South Jersey, New Jersey
Sex (male or female): female

Ten hippest bands:
-Led Zeppelin
-Bright Eyes
-Amber Pacific
-the Ramones
-My Chemical Romance
-Yeah Yeah Yeahs
-A Perfect Circle

Five raddest Movies:
-the Goonies
-Happy Gilmore
-Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
-Blue Crush
-Murder by Numbers

Three Most Hated Bands/Why:
-Good Charlotte- they dress like they're punk, but their music sounds like pop? strike anyone else as ODD.
-Sum 41- their music has become wayy too political/serious
-u2- most of their songs have the same sound, and when you hear some of the lyrics you're just like wtf? (i'm not saying all of their songs, but a lot of them do sound the same)


Color{s}: green && orange
Song: my favorite song changes more often than ashlee simpson's hair, but at the moment it's: the Apartment Song by Tom Petty
Food: mac && cheese
Animal: dog
Season: fall


What do you think about…
Homosexuality/Same sex marriages:
it doesn't bother me... just don't go around showing off to everyone. i can't stand it when ANY couple cannot control themselves in public.
Abortion: i'm not for it. the only way that i would tolerate it is if the abortion happened within a few weeks of conception- when the necessary organs [heart, brain, etc] haven't developed yet. then the fetus wouldn't be considered alive.
War: if it's necessary. just don't fight for a hopeless cause.
George Bush: he's made a few good choices, but that's about it
Self Harm: i can't stand it when people hurt themselves. i understand the reasons behind it because one of my close friends used to be a cutter, but there are OTHER ways to vent out besides cutting, or even talking about your problems for that matter. pick up a hobby, or go to the gym and beat the shit out of a punching bag.. it sounds crazy, but it makes you feel so much frigging better!!
Drugs/Alcohol: why would you even consider using drugs? they ruin your life, the ones you love and basically everyone else involved with you. i have a better tolerance for alcohol. i have no problems with it unless you only drink to make yourself look "cool". that just pisses me off.

.::about you::.

Are you single/dating? i'm single, until the right person comes along, but until then i'm not going to act like a whining bitch and scream i want a boyfriend! because frankly, i don't give a damn that much.
What makes you rad? hmm... i'm random. i have a good taste in music. i can make a meaaan quesidilla. i own a viking hat. yeah i think that pretty much covers it, haha.


Entertain Us, tell us a story, a joke, anything that will amuse us:
okay. here it goes. on the last day of school my friends and i thought it would be a genius idea to get a pizza delivered to our bus. when we passed the place they were supposed to put it through the window, but they weren't outside so my 2 friends went in and got it while we waited. they were in there for like 20 minutes so finally my bus driver just left. then they came out as we were pulling away. so my 2 friends were running as fast as they could in the street completely oblivious to all cars so they could catch up with the bus. at a red light like 10 blocks away we opened the emergency door in the back and they dove in with the pizza. and i must say, it was G - double O - D, good. :)

PROMOTE US. Where did you promote us to?
my myspace && my LJ



Optional: post a picture that shows your rad-ness.
let's just call this my birthday suit....

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