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_radxlikexwoah_'s Journal

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This community is by application only. You must first join the community, then apply in an entry, and the members will vote on whether or not you stay or go. you will be accepted or rejected within a few days. If you can't handle critisism and you are a whinny little emo bitch about it...then i suggest you don't apply. Show us just how rad you are : )


1. Your application must be behind a Live Journal cut. If it isn't then we will throw it out and you won't even be considered to be accepted.
2. Until you are accepted you can't comment on any other posts or applications or you will be rejected!
3. Any racists or prejuduce remarks will have you booted from the community immediatly.
4. The subject title must be "I'm rad because..."
5. You will either accepted or rejected in a few days. If you are rejected, don't bother taking it out on me, I am not the only one voting on you. So go whine to someone else, bitches! : )


1. You must be active at least once a week, i don't think that's too much to ask.
2. Don't promote other communities in here.
3. If you leave, tell us.
4. Promote this community as much as possible.
5. When voting on aplications put "yes" or "no" in the subject line.
6. Be honest with the applicants, and you can be as mean as you want.


Just copy & paste this. We made it easy!





bleedxthextruth _thisdisaster no_l0ve frequency7 kittyp0p em0shem0 indieshake moonlightwaltz shattrdpieces payme2smile thomas_simon penisinmysoxs thestageisset meowkitten take_life_away lushcunt me_think_whoa eatxmyxstars myperfects0nnet montenagler derangedxkicks testsubjectc on_the_lips obsolete_____ passing4sane17 x187xx malediction_ pinkpony480 myquixoticdream emo_remo w0nderlandx hippofatcowwhereyourwaitng

go join: _______likewoah

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