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A place where hawties do rad stuff

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This is a rating community. If you cannot handle brutal words or rejection then just leave now.


Her name's Annie. She was the one who wanted to own a community at first. And she also came up with the name. Lol... She'll be stamping members and be on the look out.
Random Facts»
- I hate writting, that's why deena wrote the top for me, lol.
- I ♥ polka dots, they are snazzy.
- I love dacing in the rain.
- Music is my life, i live to it.

The name's Deena. I'm the one writting this. I inspired ____kissxkill to make up the name for the community. Lol. It happened when I said the word "rad". I'm also the maintainer and I'll be stamping people as well.
Random Facts»
- Kissing under the stars is just so romantic
- I have mood swings...
- I am Mrs.Reeves(Keanu's wife)
- Hayden Christensen is my second husband. AHAHAH

001. You are not permitted to comment on anyone's application except your own until you are stamped.
002. Put everything under an LJ cut or you will lose some votes.
003. Put "Oh so rad" to show you have read the rules.
004. This is a rating community so by applying you have agreed to be criticized. We are allowed to be harsh but we will also be reasonable. Please reply politely... if you don't, a warning will be given and on the second warning you're automatically rejected.
005. Do not delete your application no matter what the member's say. Or you will be banned.
006. If yU tYp3 L1k3 dIz... don't even bother.
007. This is just a warning... but some of the members might judge on the way you spell/write. So please type properly.
008. If you can't take insults, rejection or comments. Don't join. A "no" wont kill you.
009. Bold the questions in you application.
010. You have 3 days to put up your application after joining. Or you'll just be banned.
011. We will stamp you after exactly 3 days. "Undecided/sway me/persuade me" votes wont count as a yes/no. But you are allowed to try and change their opinions on you.
012. If you are rejected. You can re-apply after 48 hours with different pictures. If you are rejected 3 times, then don't bother.

001. Judge honestly. Do not say yes just to be nice.
002. Put yes/no/sway me/undecided etc. in the subject line of your comment.
003. Inform us if you are going on hiatus for longer than a week.
004. Post, vote, and promote. Mods will give you a warning if you are inactive. You will be banned after two warnings.
005. Put your posts under an lj-cut.
006. Be nice to other members.
007. You are allowed to be harsh to applicants.
008. Do not start a drama.
009. You are allowed to promote. But promote us back. We will check! And put the banners under an lj-cut.
010. Put STAMPED//(whatever) to make it easier to read.
011. Do not steal other members' pictures.
012. If you vote yes/no, at least explain your votes in four sentences. That way, it's fair for the applicant.
013. Have fun=)


____kissxkill, artificial_sky, __sundaybest, lifelessmind, _hardtoexplain_, miisz_rose, foadskank, super_smash, __novacaine, _____bebe, gunpowdermouth, jessica__morgan, tinydancer00, xoclueless06ox, slitwristpoetry, cyanidexkissed, eminemesis, scuba_libre, onmycloud, _x_justloseit, youaretoxic, sweet_nothing_, bandade, _lilli_, ohh_maddy, ____krystelllll, gummystar2, mellowminded, __lovelightburn, lizisrad104, est________1987, unhookedstars, thezgirl, discox, trioxid, deadbolted, plwizardmaster, stcarnamedwant, ketamine_kills

chicken_x3_5534, woah_letsdance, lostinlove1, ohohelectric, 00_hugs_00, bitemeabcrombie, clandestine_xo, _xxblondiexx_, british_geek(auto-rejected), _punk_princess, gamblewithstars, hate_is_scene, lucidprophecy, hawtbumrachie, hollisterhunii3


woah_letsdance [For being rude to the mods & accepted members]
hello______ugly [For being a stalker and attacking a member]
missskirts [For posting a fake app and attacking a mod]

Post a favourite place, a hangout or whatever. eg. mall, home etc.




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