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1. Name: Lauren
2. Location: Long Island, New York
3. Age: Thirteen
4. Sexual Preference: Heterosexual
5. 10 favorite bands:
a. Nick Drake
b. The Blood Brothers
c. Glassjaw
d. Bright Eyes
e. Cursive
f. Everytime I Die
g. Commander Venus
h. The Dillinger Escape Plan
i. The Tragically Hip
j. As I Lay Dieing
6. 5 favorite movies:
k. Edward Scissorhands
l. Pirates of the Caribbean
m. Benny and Joon
n. Empire Records
o. Finding Nemo
7. 5 books you enjoy:
p. I Can't Tell You - Hillary Frank
q. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - Lewis Carroll
r. Define "Normal" - Julie Anne Peters
s. Animal Farm - George Orwell
t. Fahrenheit 451 - Ray Bradbury
8. 5 things you enjoy doing:
u. Making websites
v. Going to local shows
w. Drawing & Sketching & Doodling
x. watching movies & eating ice cream
y. baking
9. 1 interesting fact about you:
z. I am deathly afraid of knives because when I was nine or ten my grandfather pretended to stab me with one while cutting my bagel and scarred me for life.

10. If you woke up one morning as a member of the opposite sex, what is the first thing you would do? Examine my new parts. And then masturbate, since I'd be male. [it's a joke---I don't think all guys are like that]
11. Go to google, type in your name and show us the best picture that comes up:

12. A picture of someone you think is hot:

13. 2 people you look up to famous or non:
Pat McGuire

DJ Fractaliam

14. The member/or mod you think is the hottest:

15. Put the banner in your info & link us: alright.
16. Now promote in 2 communities:
there. & here.

17. 4 pictures of you ( No photoshop ):

I'm the girl. Dur.

100x100 picture for members section.


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