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♥name: Kat
♥age :15
♥location:New York
♥Sexual Preference: straight
♥ten favorite bands:
1. AFI
2. Placebo
3. Action Action
4. Snake River Conspiricy
5. Tsunami Bomb
6. Suzanne Vega
7. The Used
8. Mindless Self Indulgence
9. The Dresden Dolls
♥five favorite movies:
1. Requiem for a Dream
2. Interview With a Vampire
3. Mean Girls
4. Dirty Dancing
5. About A Boy
♥five books you enjoy:
1. The Little Friend
2. Rainbow Boys
3. Shades Children
4. Notes From the Underground
5. Speak
♥five things you enjoy doing
1. Viola and orchestra
2. makeup
3. my art homework
4. reading
5. fencing
♥five bands you dislike:
1. The White Stripes.
2. Cradle of Filth.
3. Emanuel
4. Death Cab for Cutie can get annoying.
5. Creed
♥ five *types of* people you dislike:
1. Kids that try to rave to Stairway
2. People who cut American Pie short at dances.
3. Bald people who aren’t quite to the point where the hair won’t grow back, and don’t shave religiously so their heads have little spikes all over.
4. People who won’t admit it when they’re wrong.
5. Grade flaunters
Yeah, I kind of twisted this part, but I couldn’t think of specifics.
♥two people you look up to famous or non
2.My mom
♥PROMOTE in 2 places [ WE CHECK ]

Are you going to promote if you become a member? Sure.

♥Tell us about yourself [band,vegan, etc...]
I'm not in a band. I dig meat. I love techno, trance, and Euro pop. Scandinavia is amazing. ((Did you know Denmark was the first place to ever legalize gay marriage?)) I love shopping and just hanging around, but I get bored if I'm not doing anything for too long. kthx.

♥Your Views on:

abortion: Im Pro Choice. To me, it basically comes down to a woman's ability to have control over what goes in and out of her uterus. The point at which an unborn being becomes a person is totally subjective and no one will ever agree on it. No one in office should be able to make that decision because it is a blending of church and state. As far as I'm concerned, my vagina is my business.

animal rights: I've really never thought about animal rights the way I've thought about abortion and other issues. I have a lot of activist friends and I agree with most of their opinions on it. So yes, I'm for animal rights from the limited info I have.

drugs/alcohol: I choose not to drink/use but I don't preach it. It's your choice.

Whats Over Rated:
Marching band.

♥Pictures [ atleast 3 Clear ]

I missed.

Mwah? Not really sure what my mouth is doing in this one.

Surprise! The morning after straightening my hair.




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