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x_Rad Like Whoa!_x

We're Cool Like That.

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All Members , Moderated
Are you Rad Like WHOA?

This is a rating/posting community for guys and girls all over, who think they are... well, Rad like Whoa. They Have something that makes them stand out, be it characteristic, Look, personality, Etc. We are the people who you will remember, for being a wee bit different, and a wee bit rad.

Though this is a rating community, once you are a member, feel free to post pics, ideas, links, and random thoughts. And don't worry, We won't be as harsh as other communities, unless you deserve it :)

+Post Appie and pics UNDER A CUT or else
+Keep your yap shut until you get accepted
+If you get rejected, You can apply again in 10 DAYS
+Though you may question Peoples choices, Do NOT hound them.

+ Be Nice... To a point
+ Don't spam like crazy
+ Use LJ cut wisely
+ Drama is Okay, In moderation
+ Mods have Final Say
+ Do NOT discriminate. Doing so Will get you banned.

-The Basics-



+What makes you RAD LIKE WHOA:
+What would you do with a Million Dollars
+One wish, What would it be:

-Now Then, Post at Least 3 Pics of Yourself (try to make them clear)-