jabboy (jabboy) wrote in _radiohead,


Name: Seph

Age: 19

Location: Brighton

Favourite Radiohead Albums: Hail To The Thief, but Kid A is fast approaching from behind

Favourite Radiohead Songs: God, I can narrow it down to about ten. And that's just ones that I like so much I have to sit down when they come on - Where I End And You Begin, Fog (Again), Climbing Up The Walls, Exit Music (For A Film), There There, The National Anthem, Life In A Glasshouse, Ideoteque. In that order, approximately.

Live: My biggest regret in life is that I still haven't managed to see Radiohead live. I'm going next tour, no matter how much it costs. I watched Glastonbury 2003, and it looked like the best gig I've ever seen.

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