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Introductions, then?

Yes, hello, greetings, et cetera. I'm new here, obviously, annndd ..

Name: Chloi, and yes, it says that on my birth certificate, so shuuuttt up. 'tis pronounced the same as "Chloe" or "klo-ee" .. not "shloy", thanks.

Age: Oi, only fifteen.

Location: California, eww.

Favourite Radiohead Albums: Ack, you're making me choose? Blasphemy! Well .. I'd have to say The Bends and OK Computer, though Kid A comes in close.

Favourite Radiohead Songs: All of them :D .. but No Surprises, Paranoid Android, High and Dry, Nice Dream, the Bends, Climbing up the Walls, Karma Police, Bulletproof, Let Down, Anyone Can Play Guitar .. the list goes on.

Live: [sigh] Nope. But the day shall come .. eventually.



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