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help us, comrades.

so, i havent posted in a while.. but im going to help out a bud here:
"Hey Hey lets see i need to find a male singer (sorry ladys) and a female or male guitarest


1 volcals you need to ba able to sing and have good ear for music
2 must be in the age range of 14-18
3 you must attend some type of schooling
4 guitarest you must have guitar and amp
5 you must not be high strunge and you must be willing to work

(pratices are mondays and wednesdays)

for more info i/m me at Dyingtolive1842

or email me at

thanks keep on rocking mike"

to add to that, you should be in the palm beach florida area (cause i dont think it would be convenient otherwise...) and the type of music.. is just basically rock.

im not sure ive seen too many floridians here, but its worth a shot.

thanks kids.

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