June 26th, 2005

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Stay In School


Well Glastonbury is coming to an end.

It has already been [3 years] since I seen Thom Yorke having some sort of fit on stage during a fantastic Idioteque performance. The Glastonbury 2003 set was phenomenal. It's got me to athinkin'. 'I should start bidding on them [DVD's being sold on eBay] of said event.'

I have also been re-reading through Radiohead books and music magazine Radiohead specials I have which feature articles on the amazing (as I hear) set of Glastonbury 1997. If only ebay had some DVD of that performence, I tell you, the seller would do REALLY well.

I've been thinking back to my first (and up to now, only) Radiohead head gig. It was in the Big Top, Warrington. October. And more memories of Idioteque (note: my favourite version of Idioteque is the [South Park] one, I think. Were Seniór Yorke keeps telling everyone "faster!" Download it if you don't already have it.)

Which leads moi to my point of this entry.

I cannot wait for them to start touring next year*!

See you there.


*I assume if they are bringing out [a new album] (second story down) a tour will come as they go hand in hand in hand in ......

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