May 30th, 2005

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alright, so heres a game
- post a comment with the name of a radiohead song, that starts with the last letter of the song the person before you posted? get it?!

ok here we go:

Exit Music

standard introduction.

hay sup im sheila. j'ai 16 ans. i am currently stuck in southern california.
the bends is my favorite album. its saved my sanity/creativity/life on more than one occasion. probably my favorite album just of all time- beating all smashing pumpkins albums, which is a big deal for me to admit because im one of those billy corgan cult followers. (but not really)
uh favorite songs: fake plastic trees, true love waits, anyone can play guitar
never seen them. i will however drive anywhere in california to see them next time they're here.

humm hope that wasnt too annoying.
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