April 29th, 2005

Drink Wine and Screw


Name: Randi
Age: 18, going to be 19 on May 29th
Location: South Suburbs of Chicago
Fav radiohead album: Amnesiac & The Bends
Favorite radiohead song(s): Talk Show Host, My Iron Lung, A Wolf At The Door, Subterranean Homesick Alien
If you have seen them and how many times: Unfortunatly, I've never had the pleasure of seeing Radiohead live except for on bootlegs. But as soon as I they tour, I'll be there.
  • Current Music
    Street Spirit - Radiohead

*A warning* I cannot spell

Down to business -
Favourite album: Kid A, Hail to the theif
Favourite songs: Idioteque, Morning bell, There There, Electioneering, everyting in its right place, talk shoe host, thinking of you, Like spinning plates, Myxmotosis, Blackstar, (dont now if this counts) el president, and sooooooooooo many more.
I havnt seen them YET.
Im 18, from england, Thinking that the whole of the band are each genious' in there own right. I also follow 'No Star Wars' and attended the Fylingdales rally when Thom york was there ... But no i didnt see him.

NEHOO thats about it :P