March 30th, 2005


Hello there chums.

figured my Radiohead obsession warrents me to join a Radiohead community. With that out of the way:

My name is Thom (yes I threw that H in there because of Radiohead >>) I'm 17, hailing from the Bay Area. I can't really choose a favorite Radiohead album, but if someone pointed a gun at my head and made me choose, I'd go with OK Computer.

It would probably be easier to ask what songs I don't like, but the few that really stand out to me are: Banana Co, Talk Show Host, I Might Be Wrong, Paranoid Android, LEt Down, Street Spirit and Sulk.

Sadly, I have yet to see them live, next show in the states (or Canada for that matter) I'll be sure to grab some tickets to.
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    Nothing atm, but that burger king song is stuck in my head