February 20th, 2005



hey the name is kathy. I wanted to join because where i live it is sooo rare to find a fellow radiohead lover! If you ask about them they usually ask, "Arent those the guys that sing "im a creep". Yea it's actually very annoying. They only know what the radio plays, noone ventures out. Anyways, I learned about radiohead thru a guy I was dating. He ended up being a jerk, but he introduced me to my fav band, so I cant hate him too much = )I love radiohead because I actually like every single song in its own special way. It's so refreshing to spend 15 bucks on an album and like every song instead of two. Plus Thom is so sexy when he gets really into a performance. My favorite album is a toss up between ok computer and Kid A. My fav songs (the short version) are Idioteque, True love waits, Subterranean homesick alien, and climbing up the walls. My fav line from a radiohead song..."I'm not living, I'm just killing time." Awesome! Im looking forward to talking to fans!