February 14th, 2005

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Howdy, I'm new as well...

I guess I'll keep the trend going...I've been a Radiohead fan since I was in grade school (I'm currently a junior in HS). My brother got me into them after putting on OK Computer one night--it was just...awesome. OK Computer is my favorite album obviously, with Kid A being a close second. My favorite songs are "Let Down," "Karma Police," "Motion Picture Soundtrack," and "High and Dry."

Peace :)

following the trend..

allo, i recently just found this community, and very much want to be a part of it.
my name's melissa
i'm 15 (i began listening to radiohead in '98, when my cousin baught me OK computer)
i live in ontario, canada
my favourite radiohead album is the bends.
my favourite radiohead songs are street spirit, knives out, just, my iron lung, exit music(for a film), i will and a wolf at the door.
i have yet to see radiohead live, but if they come near my city i most definetely would.
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