February 10th, 2005

jay and silent bob

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my name is tom (without the h). i am fifteen and i have just recently found out that i love radiohead. before i had listened to karma police and 2+2=5 and thought, "eh, this is pretty good but i guess i kinda ran outta songs to listen to and got bored of them. i just got ok computer and the bends for a christmas present and they blew me away. fucking brilliant.

anyway my favourite album has got to be ok computer although i also like kid a too. i have many favourite songs, but paranoid android stands out beyond them all. i haven't seen them live but i really really want to. waiting for them to come to vancouver, prolly with a new cd.

btw, i did the quiz to find out what kind of radiohead song i am.

and it's one that is great.

Immerse Your Soul In Love
You are Street Spirit...Very Artsy, You love a good
time (when you let yourself have one) and
You're always the one seeing the side that most
don't...you appreciate the world for what it
is, though it's tough sometimes.

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I was reading an interview with the drummer a couple of days ago, and he said that they were recording a new album, and something about the difference between the new one and HttT was going to be as dramatic as the difference between OK Computer and Kid A.

Just thought you should know, because I am excited. As, I didn't like HttT that much, and I had previously heard rumors about them taking time off.