November 25th, 2004

ahhh, hey.

Rule #1: Please comment with your name/age/location/fav radiohead album/favorite radiohead song(s)/if you have seen them and how many times.

Im Jewlia. Im 15. I live in Seattle, Washington. My favorite radiohead album is OK Computer (no surprise there). My favorite song would be Climbing up the Walls. Ive seen them, once, at the white river ampitheter. I got a t-shirt with that little bear symbol they have, but I dont wear it because, sadly, the only size they had left was too big. but the concert was great. Everyone clapped at we suck young blood, and they were all on time and everything.
A burning question I have is, will Radiohead come out with a new album, since theyre contract is up, and apparently thom hates everything they make? I read a fantastic article about them in Q magazine. really insightful.